Bajaj Finance – Short Trade

We shortlisted Bajaj Finance for a short trade live on youtube explaining the concept behind the selection criteria last week. This gave a trigger and performed well so far. We are looking for more though, if at all it hits the trailing SL, we are okay with it as we have booked ample profit. Check the signal and entry side.

How to select stocks for trading

BAJFINANCE – This was a sell call based on 1 of the set of principles explained. Guess what , we had a trigger of the same.

And the journey began with the entry part. Exact reversal at exact entry.

The trade began to give us positive return, but we wanted to scale it by adding another lot to the profit going trade. We planned another entry.

We did get the 2nd lot entry on 3rd day and booked on the same day as well. Guess what? We planned another entry trade as well for next day if at all price comes to our levels with the required SL, but this time, we are adding 2 lots in a row & the main 1st lot is still being trailed down further with SL. We shall see how it rides down. This is as far as we have come, we shall see on following updates blog.

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